Why is a cyber security audit essential?

Support Stack’s cyber security audit will provide a comprehensive review and analysis of your organisation’s IT infrastructure. By auditing IT security for your business, we can identify threats and vulnerabilities, while exposing high-risk practices within your business. 

Regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) can impose hefty penalties in the event of a breach that results in exploited data. Support Stack’s cyber security audit will help you mitigate the consequences of a breach, while demonstrating that you’ve taken necessary steps to protect your clients’ data.

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Why Consider a Tailored IT Security Audit?

Our tailored IT security audits are essential for businesses like yours, where security isn’t just about protection—it’s about creating a sustainable, secure environment that allows you to focus on what you do best. Here’s how we help:

  • Identify and Address Vulnerabilities: Through a meticulous examination of your IT systems, we pinpoint vulnerabilities and suggest actionable, clear-cut solutions that align with industry best practices but are tailored to the scale and nuances of your operations.
  • Cost Control and Budgeting: Understanding the direct and indirect costs associated with cybersecurity risks is crucial. Our audit provides you with a clear picture, helping you plan and manage IT expenses without surprises.
  • Regulatory Compliance Assurance: With regulations like GDPR posing significant compliance challenges, our audits ensure that your business not only meets but exceeds regulatory requirements, safeguarding client data and your reputation.

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Why choose Support Stack for your IT security audit?

Our team has gained a wealth of experience delivering cyber security audit services to organisations of all sizes from a wide range of industries in the UK and beyond.

Support Stack’s comprehensive service covers everything you require to gain a complete picture of your cyber security situation at a cost to suit your business needs.

We’ll begin with an initial consultation to identify your company’s resilience to a cyber-attack. Then we’ll investigate various scenarios, such as how protected you would be if an employee stole sensitive company information.

Ultimately, our cyber security specialists fully understand the complexities of protecting your organisation’s electronic data. They’ve successfully carried out many IT security audits and know precisely what to look for in terms of security weak spots and problem areas within your IT estate.

Following your cyber security audit, you’ll receive a comprehensive analysis of your organisation’s security position to help you strengthen your security measures going forward.

“The Support Stack team delivered a professional software solution using their specialist expertise. They offer good value for money and are decent people to do business with. I would recommend them as an IT solutions supplier.”

Philip Adcock – Shopping Behaviour Xplained Ltd

“Support Stack are fantastic with the support they provide ASHL. They are always on hand and offer a very prompt service. I would highly recommend Support Stack.”

Kelly Lewis – Adviser Services Holdings Limited

“I cannot recommend John and the Support Stack team enough for the support they have given our business. Assisi Pet Care’s relationship with Support Stack started in March 2020 following the acquisition of Town and Country Petfoods, where Support Stack were providing the hardware and infrastructure support. Throughout the last number of months, we have expanded, rolled out and integrated a further 2 businesses onto the infrastructure, which has worked brilliantly.”

Will Cran – Assisi Pet Care

“Our organisation approached Support Stack in May 2020 as we urgently needed to update and modernise our current IT estate making full use of cloud services to enable efficient remote working. The team provided us with a proposal following an initial discussion, and we were delighted when they told us that the turnaround time to implement everything was 4 weeks! We would highly recommend Support Stack as they are professional and highly knowledgeable. We also took out their Support Plan where the service and response time to queries is excellent.”

Lisa Bushell – East Midlands Councils

“We have worked with Support Stack for nearly 5 years having transitioned over from our previous IT support. They have been instrumental in supporting the evolution of the IT infrastructure of HSSP Architects and its ongoing maintenance. Not only are they experts in their field, but they are also genuinely lovely people too. We would highly recommend them.”

Ros Harvey – HSSP Architects Limited