The importance of managed hosting services

If you have a mission-critical website or application, you need infrastructure, and that infrastructure needs to be managed in an efficient and secure way. Websites and applications run on servers, which are usually from public cloud providers. But many companies, especially smaller businesses, do not have the in-house expertise to effectively manage their cloud services. While many of those that do have the internal resources would prefer to focus on their core business needs, rather than configuring cloud servers.

So, although public cloud providers eliminate the need for organisations to manage their own infrastructure on-premises (physical servers and so forth), cloud hosting services still require expertise to configure and maintain the infrastructure. In addition, larger cloud providers often have incredibly complex interfaces that are difficult to learn and time-consuming to manage.

Leave your hosting services to the experts

Managed hosting services – such as Support Stack’s cloud hosting solutions – are being adopted by an increasing number of organisations, especially new businesses and startups that don’t want to manage the backend themselves. With the right managed hosting provider taking care of your hosting needs, you can offload all your infrastructure management, configuration and support, leaving your team free to concentrate on running your business and gaining a competitive advantage.

When you choose an expert team to provide managed hosting services in the cloud, you gain more time and resources to create the right website and software applications. And you can rest assured your critical services won’t go offline due to your hosting being incorrectly set up.

The business benefits of managed hosting services

benefits of managed hosting services

Many business benefits can be derived from using a managed hosting provider such as Support Stack:

Reduced time and cost

You might not have the in-house talent required to manage your cloud services and recruiting someone could prove expensive. Your organisation will save a significant amount of time and money by delegating cloud hosting to a managed service provider.

Greater performance and reliability

Experienced managed hosting providers, like Support Stack, have a deep knowledge of cloud services and understand how to achieve the optimal configuration for speed, reliability and security. They will select the best servers, content delivery networks (CDNs) and caching solutions for your website and applications.

Improved security with reliable backups

Although public cloud providers usually have in-built security features, managed hosting providers can set up enhanced security measures. These include firewalls, management of your SSL certificates, and security patching. The right managed hosting provider will also perform backups to eliminate the risk of losing data.

Dedicated anytime support

Support Stack can provide dedicated round-the-clock support, which means any issues are dealt with swiftly and effectively by a full-service support team.

Transparent costings

Many public cloud providers are renowned for having complex pricing models that make it difficult for companies to predict costs and budgets. With a managed hosting provider, you’ll gain greater insight and control over your hosting costs with subscription plans that make pricing more transparent.

Hosting for businesses

managed hosting services for businesses

Support Stack has a wealth of experience in hosting mission-critical sites and applications for all sizes of business, from small startups to some of the UK’s largest enterprises. We use leading technologies and best-in-class cybersecurity defenses.

Support Stack managed hosting services include:

  • Cloud hosting solutions
  • Website hosting
  • Dedicated server hosting
  • Colocation
  • VPS Hosting

Rest assured, with Support Stack cloud hosting services and dedicated server hosting your data and your mission-critical applications will always be secure.

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