Why your business needs managed IT services

As your business grows and your IT estate increases in size and complexity, your team may be spending more and more time addressing IT challenges, meaning there’s less time and resources to focus on running your business and gaining that all-important competitive advantage.

You may currently adopt a reactive break/fix approach to your IT systems whereby you only address issues after they’ve happened, but this is counterproductive and costly. Plus, most internal IT teams aren’t equipped to keep up with the dynamic pace of IT innovation, especially within SMEs. To meet the demands of a growing business in a digital world, you need managed IT solutions with proactive maintenance to keep your operations running seamlessly and securely.

What are managed IT services?

The term “managed IT services” refers to the practice of outsourcing your IT management responsibilities to a third party – a team of experts, such as Support Stack. It’s all about freeing your in-house team from the increasing burden of ongoing IT challenges, leaving them with more time and energy to focus on what they do best – servicing your clients and growing your business.

Today, it’s not just global corporations that use managed IT solutions. They are also used by thriving SMEs that need access to the latest technologies and IT skill sets but lack the budget and resources. Managed IT services level the playing field, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to gain access to the same level of IT support and expertise that large enterprises benefit from.

Here are four ways your company will benefit from partnering with a managed IT service provider.

Focus on your business objectives

managed IT services

Managed IT services free up your employees to focus on the jobs they were hired to do, while enabling you to fill gaps in IT expertise as and when required. The right managed IT service provider will have a flexible service model that lets you choose the exact level of service you require. You might have a specific project in mind, such as developing an application to automate your business processes, or you may be looking to outsource the maintenance and ongoing management of your company’s entire IT estate.

Tap into a world of IT expertise

When you have managed IT support in place, you can draw on the knowledge and expertise of an entire team of IT professionals at a flat monthly rate. These people live and breathe IT and solving your IT headaches is their passion. In the fast-paced world of technology, your existing IT team (or IT person) might struggle to keep up with new innovations and all the challenges they bring. A managed IT solutions team keeps up to date on all the latest technology advances – it’s a key part of their job – so they will know in advance about new products/solutions. Most importantly, they’ll know how to address any issues that may arise when you start to use those new technologies.

Minimise your IT management spend

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From a cost perspective, the real beauty of managed IT services is that they reduce labour costs and eliminate the expense of hiring and training new IT staff. The ability to have skills available on a scalable basis is also incredibly cost-effective. In addition, with a service-level agreement tailored to your organisation’s business needs and budget, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected service costs.

A proactive approach to maintenance

Managed IT service providers are proactive when it comes to systems maintenance. They won’t sit and wait for something to go wrong with your infrastructure. A managed IT service company like Support Stack will apply remote monitoring and management techniques to quickly identify, diagnose, and troubleshoot potential problems before they even become an issue. This will ensure your systems are constantly available and you’re not hit with unexpected issues that cause downtime while they are being fixed.

Do you need managed IT solutions for your business?

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